Taking precautions with scaffolding

Taking the correct precautions when it comes to scaffolding hire is important. Construction work on buildings can be pretty dangerous to say the least, scaffolding is used as a temp framework which gives support to workers and movement of building materials.

It is almost like a rolling ladder and is useful for tall buildings, the height can be adjusted and can hold a number of personnel and building materials at any time. It is safer than other means that have been used in construction services because of its lockable wheels.

About scaffolding

Scaffolding has got three main parts which are the tubes, boards and the couplers. The tubes can be made of steel or aluminium but aluminium is preferred as it is fairly light and very durable and flexible.

Couplets are used with the joining of tubes and the boards provide a floor for the builders to stand on. The boards are made of wood which has been very well looked after and very strong.

The scaffolding will be attached to buildings with ties and this is much more stable than the independent types of scaffolding.

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